Body & Skin Retouch

Body and skin retouching

Retouch Nation is constantly seeking to improve the clients’ sales by enhancing all the images. We take extra care when processing human body and skin. When requested, we can make all models look perfect in order the displayed products to be much more visible and the focus of the clients not to be disturbed by small imperfections of the skin, posture or the body of the model. We offer background removal and clipping path services from any kind of backgrounds. We can reshape the body of the model, we can correct the color of the skin, we can fix any imperfections retaining the texture of the skin. Just give us some images you would want to test and we will get back to you with samples of our work!


  • removing skin imperfections
  • repairing the texture of the skin
  • background removal
  • white, transparent or custom background replacement
  • reduce/soften the skin folds from the model’s neck and prominent bones;
  • remove tattoos.


  • remove hair pins, jewerly, hair holes, pimples, moles, blemishes;
  • skin color correction
  • reshaping the body and posture of the model
  • adding shadow/reflection
  • fade nipples and private parts;
  • remove body hair and distracting hairlines;

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